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chairman's Our flagship company Economic has a success story since last four decades. Backed by the phenomenal success we are providing efficient, cost effective, innovative & tailor made solutions to a discerning list of clientele in india and across the globe. Our core competence on logistics service is well proven in all industries be it a tele communication, pharma,engg.,petroleum, steel industries etc.our expertise in logistic services are well acknowledged by those to whom serve.

Logistic is one of the fastest growing sector in india. Providing unheard tranportation services. At Economic Logistic Ltd. It has been our endeavor to harness the key services and use our expertise to usher in grand revolution in country with our efficient and cost effective services.

In tune with global trends, ell has pioneered the concept of special services to its customers while moving ahead, we renew our commitments to our customers by extending a variety of our experience to the whole of india.

Our sole moto & mission is to serve you with smile a smooth movement of cargo. Our vision is to install india on top of the world map.

Chaste and Chiseled Ideas:
  • God, Thou art an ocean of mercy and presented all life, Thou art our parent, benefactor, ...friend, philosopher and guide.

  • I am not interested in excuses for delay, I am interested in only getting things done.

  • Business is a very ticklish game, This game should be played with utmost carefulness, aptly, honestly and in a clandestine manner.

  • Be intelligent and diligent and perform the work in a nice way Spread Morel uprightness, character building and clear the society from its filth.

  • An immoderate desire of money is like a poison lodge in the soul.

  • This world has seen the passing away of many great humanities, The over ambitious had to lick the dust ultimately.

  • Common Sense is not so common, as a common man would have it.

  • A little house well filled, a little land well tilled, and a little wife well willed are great riches.
  • Seers and Sages find tongues in trees, sermons in stones and good in every thing.

  • Worries, anxieties, tension do cause hypertension, so day and night sing a psalm, Jay Siya Ram, Jay Siya Ram,

  • An ill wound may be cured, not an ill name, is a saying quite true, Words dagger plunged deep into the heart is incapable of being taken out. Good people never dart such arrows.

  • La Vie En Rose ( I see life through rose colored spectacles

  • Actions of the just smell sweet and blossom in the dust.

  • Make happiness your life’s doctrine, For withered flowers are thrown by every being.

  • Sow an act, you reap a habit, Sow a habit, you reap a character, Sow a Character, you reap a fortune.

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